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-- captions by vitac -- massive now on cnn, a hurricane ch.urng in the atlantic. barely a storm a day ago, now a major threat and it's headed our way. the severe weather center is tracking igor. it's a provocative question -- do americ muslims need a reality check? even more interesting, the person asking is a muslim.
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we'll discuss it this hour. and against nasa's warnings of a possible explosion, mining officials in chile will send down cigettes to 33 men trapped 2,000 feet underg ad in the space of a large hotel room. new tails on the life inside that dangerous and dark mine. he llo, everyone, i'm donas lem. it was on, then it was off. now, it's supposededly on againk we're talking about iran, it says it will release one of three hikers for a price, though. her lawyers say she could go free as early as today but iran wants half a milli on dollars in bail first. iranian officials have flip-flopped on the decision for the past few days. susan h candiotti has been followingev develops developmen. what's going on now? >> reporter: it has been a seesaw all on a along. could sara showered be released
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in the coming days? it's hard to say. iran's officials say they're asking for a half million dollars in bail to free sara. the iranian lawyer hired by the american i'mers' families tells cnn everything's in place except for the money. he was allowed to visit with all three hikers for the first time since they were detained last year. >> i have a question, once she stposts bail, will she still ne to stay in iran? >> reporter: well, we don't know. we talked with experts who say this processs hardly typical and given the strained relations between iran and the u.s., this is both a political and legal minefield. her family clearly wants her out of there as quickly as possible. >> what about the other two hikers, then, the two young men? >> reporter: yeah, prosecutors are ramping up their case against them. today a judge indicted them on spying charges and their familiesavehe consistently denied the children are spies and said if they cross the border, it was by accident. now, if they do go on trial,
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would fsarah be forced to come bae ck and testify? the seems unlikely but that's yet another possible cotion. >> i can only imagine what the milies are going through and you have been in touch withhe families. this must be a very diffict time for them. >> reporter: it has been a toug 13 months for them. sara's mom in particular is especially concerned about her daughter's health because sara discovered a lump inst one of h breasts and she's also worried about her daugh ter's mental health because sara's been in solitary confinement this entire time except for one hour a day. we're going to play back for you what sara's mother -- sara herself said about that loneliness last may when the moms were allowed to visit them. >> she we were in the room together and alone b that's the most difficult thing for me. i seem them twice a day. >> so, susan, who is doing the bidding for the moms on all of this? >> reporter: ll, don, because
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the u.s. and iran have no diplomatic ties, this was ambassador -- the swiss ambassador is an interimmediatary but she says technicalities in these latt demands are beingreviewed. the state department says it is monitoring developments. di susan candiotti following the story from new york, susan, thank you very much. the obama administration is taking this news out of iran with caution as white house adviser david axle rod tells nbc, iranian officials have gone back on this decision once already. >> we're hopeful and we're encouraged by this news but there have been starts and stops in this before and until that actually happens, we' on a wait and see basis >> we'll follow that story for you. we want to go to california. new questions about the gas mn that exploded in san bruno, california. a newspaper has found documents showing the utility, pga considered a portion othe gas main that ruptured to have a, quote, unacceptably high risk of failure ass far back as 2007.
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the first reedsidents were escorted back to see that damage. 37 homes were destroyed in thursday's explosion and fire. four people were killed, six are still missing. let's go to ted rolle rowlands reporting now from san bruno with the latest. >> reporter: pretty emotional scene up there where these residents are getting back for the first time a they're seeing firsthand the devastation. we went along with a couple who is just two houses away from the beginning of the area that was completely flattened. they said it was surreal to be there and to s their neighborhood had been pretty much demolished. nobody who lives in the aeas of the homes tharp demolished, those homeowners of the 37 homes, they are not allowed to go back. they're not allowed to sift through because investigato are literally sifting through the did he bray looking for any potential human remains. we're talking about fragments here and that is a painstakingly long procesto which continues today and is likely to continue
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over the the next few days. meanwhile, you mentioned that documents that did surface and cnn has obtained a copy of them, basically saying that agpg& e years ago identifiedhis pipeline in need of repair and potentially dangerous in the aspect that it might produce a gas le or fail. it doesn't mean that they thought by any stretch of the imagination, however, that it would be a tential life-threatening situation, but it is sill something that critics of pg&e was a red flag that they should have been more attuned to when there were reports of people smelling gas listen to this. >> nobody, pg&e included, could have imagined something as horrible and terrible as the sn bruno blast and fire as happening, but the fact remains that when pg&e. got the reports
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of gas leeks from several customers over several days, they should have realized that this was an area that was old, that was at high risk, tt they identified as high risk. >> reporter: and pg&e hasn't said much in this few days. they sayen they're not going to have anyecomments until the investigation is complete. >> we'll be getting back to you throughout the evening he on re cnn. appreciate your reporting. my next guest is very familiar with the events of 9/11. inact, he helpedgi write eulogies for all new york firefighters, police officers and port authority officers and other emergency workers killed in the collapse of the world trade center towers. he says a rally yesterday was a desecration of the significance of that day. he's going to explain why next. plus, living half a mile underground. can you imagine? what 30 miners are doing to survive.
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we're going to a ntroversial topic so you want to pay attention to this one. yesterday, the nation remembe those lost on september 11th, e 2001, but some people say theis anniversary this year was unlike the last eight. they feel the controversy surrounding the proposed islamic center two blocks from ground zero turned a pay tree on theic day of mourning into a political football. john cavlon a regular contribut to cnn was at the rally yesterday where people were
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protesting that cultural center and some of it obviously some people there were agreeing with it. there were two protests. you call it a desecration of the significance of 9/11. desecration, that's harsh. why do you say that? >> because to a degree we've a 9/11 am measure yee, an increased splitization. one of the things that came out ofus that awful day wasn't just the beginning afte wider war we are still engaged in but an awareness that what unites us is fundamentally more important than what divides us. in the rise of partisan politics and an ugliness at some of these rallies marks the fact that we're forgetting that again. the divisions that are deeply divisive to acarins,hether democratic or republican, completely unimportant from the wider lens and that was an awareness that sunk in with people after the attacks in 2008. >> what did you speeskly see, john, that made you use such
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harsh words? of ust on both sides, a lot t pollat itization, anger and hate. one of the b organizers s somebody who referred to president obama as t muslim in the white house over 250 times on her blog. there's an inherently partisan political nature in this. it's not about democratic and republican but really a divisiveness. that's what we need to push against and remember. back when mccain and obama went to the ground zero remembrance together, that is the spirit we need to keep in mind and our hearts. we're losing it right w. >> you're talking about the poll itization of this and everybody agreed we need to take a step back and not call people name and listen to both sides. in listening to both sides that would mean to muslims would have to listen to the people who don't want this proposed mosque
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and cultural center near ground zero and tpehe same thing, the people who want it to have to listen to the muslim community. i want you to take a listen to what irshack van gee said this morning with christian amanpoau. >> one of the reasons they have those and ziets over t last nine years, moderate muslims have fails, moderate muslims have failed to make the case for why there is nothing to fear about islam. when major nidal hasan opens fire on a group of fellow soldiers at ft. hood, texas, is god is great, and the first thing you hear out of his mouth, is islam had nothing to do with, you could help but wonder why americans are scratching their heads. >> does she have a point? can you view this as a reaching across the aisle of sorts to say there are regular americans, many of them who ar not racist
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and not antiislam, who have questions and concerns about islam? >> reporter: absolutely. and irshad manzi has a point. we are at war with rad cam islamists and terrorists but we are not and never have been at war with islam. we need to remember that america's greatness flows from our goodness. good pele could disagree about the mosque and many other things. that's the tone we need need to set and example we need to set. recognizing the reality we are still at war withslamist terrorism and we have not and never been at war with islam. >> the next question in your book called "wing nuts, how the lunatic fringe is hijacking america." i have to ask about pastor terry jones. >> a great example of the way of extremists have a disproportionate influence.
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he was able to hijack media and much of the media surrounding the ninth anniversary of 9/11 by going from 50 congregants to0 being on the cover of 50 newspapers simply by threatening to burn the koran. it's a good example and cautionary tale of theay extremists are able to game the system and hijack the media with deeply disproportionate, unrepresentative statements and that kind of ugliness too often occupies our attention. we need to push back on that. >> hey, john, i have to run, real enjoying this conversation. you had very, vry smart points here. what do we do, besides going to earsch and every person's door try to explain to them about waysamb exactly is, what do we do in this situation, then? >> i think we need to recognize that we are that -- there's a wider war between frdom and fundamentalism around the world and each of us has an obligation as americans to try to bege the chan we want to see and stand up to extremism wherever and whenever we see it up if
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americans do that beginning at their dinner table and extending to harringer conversations, we could turnhe tide and stop extremists in whatever form they take, fromij our debates and recognize this is a wider r and it's the forces of reedom versus the forces of fundamentalism. >> well said, thank you, john avlon. with all this talk of burning korans and blockinghe building of an islamic center, a church in tennessee offers a refreshing change. they opened its arms to a new neighbor, a mosque. ouffir affiliate wmc has that story. >> reporte these words say it pull. >> once we put up the sign, probably within three days, people from the islamic center contacted us they were overelmed with emotion that we would be so welcoming. >> repter:teve sic when he hearabout plans for the multimillion-dollar memphis islamic center complex many
6:17 pm
built near his church, he knew he had to react. know much about islam. inly knew one fellow who was a muslim. i knew it was going to be a learning process for me. we follow jesus and he tells us to love our neighbors. >> reporter: stone says he hopes that by puttingt a welcome mat for muslims, it will send a strong message to those who may have associated christians with being anti-islam. >> people that associate christians with folks that are afraid or don't like muslims, i can't judge those people that are christian. i just believe to take the name of christ and to be hateful and do hateful things is a real insult. >> reporter: to prove his point, stone says the heart song church congregation is taking its new relationship with members of the memphis islamic center one step further. >> their facility was not quite finished, still isn't, and they came and asked m us if they mig be able to use our acility for ramadan prayers which we took as ahigh mpliment.
6:18 pm
>> reporter: stone says it's the beginning of a friendship he hopes will inspire others to love their neighbors. hu rricane igor is picking up steam. could it be a treat to the u.s. coast any time soon? our hurricane headquarters chebbing on it. jacqui jeras as well. another wildfire forcing people fm their mes in colorado. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] try fixodent with a time-released formula. use just once per day for all-day hold. it is important to use the product as directed. for poor-fitting dentures, see your dentist. for hold from dawn to dark... fixodent and forget it.
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want to check top stories right now.denmark has raised it threat level after an incident rolfvoing this man. here he is at a hotel on tuesday. on friday, he was injured in an explosion in a bathroom at the hotel that police say hepo trigr police deparent they are investigating whether he was targeting a danish newspaper that published cartoons of the prophet muhammad back in 2005. the man c who was carrying identity papers from three countries has denied attempting
6:22 pm
to explode a bomb or carrying an illegal weapon. hillary clinton heads to the middle east to try to keep israeli slash palestinian peace negotiations on track. talks began two weeks ago. israeli settlement expansion is expected to take center stage. palestinians want israel to second a freeze on settlement construction in the west bank. it is due to end september 26th. a wildfire that has burned 40 acres is forcing people to evacuate their homes near loveland, colorado. the fire is centered between the pine wood and flatiron reservoirs. it's not clear how many homes are in danger but fire officials say they knowes about 100 structures are in the area and one has been damaged. no word on a cause. another hurricane in the atlantic ocean and it's growing stronger as we speak. let's turn to meteorogist jacqui jeras. she joins frus our hurricane headquarters to talk about igor. not very big but strong and how far away? >> crazy strong, n. we're talking at least a week away before the u.s. needs to
6:23 pm
get worried about this just yet. it's importa tnt that you know it's out there because it is extrely intense and this thing has st been ramping up all day long. igor just became ala hurricane late last nighert, 11:00 easter time, and now it's a category 4. so, you know, less tan 24 hours this thing has s a major hurricane with winds of 140 miles per hour. look at that satellite imagery. you can see just how symmetrical that storm is, how big that eye is. it's like 20 nautical miles around, so this storm is really almost as strong as it gets and could potentially get stronger in the next couple of days. ve water temperatures are very warm and it's heading into even warmer water. we're talking mid to upper 80s so there's a lot of fuel that will help hold this hurrine. now, there will be some changes in intensity because they often go through things like these eye wall replacement cycles and it's hard for it to maintain that intensity for a long period of time, but best estimate is that it will be a marojor hurricane
6:24 pm
throughout the time period and this is the position by thursday. so, that's when it gets its closest approach towards the lesser antilles. we think it will stay northf puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands but if the storm grows in size, it could get wind lashing, whipping because of that's waves. the computer models go a long way out and the farther out in time you go, the more room there is f or error, but right now, best estimate is we're looking more ofty an earl-type storm bu hopefully to the east. we'll watch this thing as it continues to develop and pull further towards the west. last but not least before i let you go, we're watching a little area of disturbed weather in the caribbean has some potential in the next couple of days could become a tropical depression. >> igor small but mighty. thank you, jacqui jeras, we appreciate it. coming up, an incdible crash caught on tape. >> the flights were getting pretty intense. it was high. i could knock them down with a fire extinguisher, as soon as i
6:25 pm
get them knocked down, there would be oil or gasoline or something under the hood and kept igniting. and every time, we'd get flames again. >> three deputiesde try despera to free a driver whose car burst in flames. but first, could thi nan soon be the next speaker of the house? some republicans are predicting yes and democrats, they aren't taking it lightly.
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speakerfo newt gingrich has hi hopes for fellow republicans in the november el thetion he says their success might even eclipse a 1994 republican landslide that made him speaker. >> i wouldn't be shocked if they didn't beat our record -- >> of 50 -- >> we're talking speaker boehner. >> oh, i think for all planning puoses, in 8 out of 10 futures, boehner is the speaker then poll owny -- >> well, paul sen houser is cnn's deputy politic corrector and joins me now. that is a bold statement. he seems pretty confident. i'm sure top democrats have something to say about this. >> reporter: i don't think they agree. one of those top democrats was on "state of the union" and that was steny hoyer. he told candy, he acknowledged,
6:29 pm
we're going to lose seats in the house but he was confident his party waseeg to keep control of the chamber. we have something now called the cnn 100. we rk the top 100 house seats that are most vulnerable and we just updated the list this weekend. of those 100 seats, 85 of them are democratic seats, 85 of t 100 we consider the mos vulnerable democratic, 15 to republican. you can see right there. don, the mac number, 39 still. that's the number of house seats, the net gain republicans need to win back of the claim per. >> awfully tidy and neat graphic you have, but let's shift to the bush tax cuts. the man who could be speak he are, john boehner signaled today he would vote with president obama but only under the right circumstances. i want to you lisn to what he had to say and then we'll talk about it. >> if the oy option i have is to vote forome of those tax reductions, i'll vote for them, but i've been making the point now eefor months that we need t extend all the current rates for all americans if we want to get
6:30 pm
our economy going again and we want to get jobs in america. >> and, paul, i'm sure you got the e-mail as well cnn president obama's spokesman issued a statement saying the white house welcomes what what he called boehner's change in position, so what's going on here? >> listen , the democrats, white house, want to extend the bush tax wutsor families making under $250,000 a year. the republicans, you just heard john boehner say, they want to extend the tax cuts for all americans but boehner doesn't want the republicans and himselr be blamed for stopping the tax cuts to be extended for middle americans. he's going, he doesn't want to be going for all or nothing and getting blamed for that. so, kind of a tactical move here. don, what do americans think? we did a recent poll and about half of the people we asked say extend the tax cuts for those making $250,000 or less. or three out of three said extend it for all americans. 1 in 5 say, stop it. no more tax cuts for anybody. don't extend them at all. >> i don't remember talking
6:31 pm
about john boehner this much at all. we talked about the tax cuts and what he said since we had the health care vote, he played a big role in his opposition to that. speaking of john boehner, the president mentioned him eight types in a speech last week and new democrat party ad criticizes him by name and my question is, why are democrats targeting himg personally? >> they're going after them because, as you mentioned, don, if the republicans went want control of theex amber, he would become the next speaker of the house. they're trying to say, john bane ser not for you, s ma h tinstre america, he's inhe hands of wall street and big banks and that's what you'll see in this ad that the democy'ratic nation committee says they're going to come up with on tuesday. the democrats are trying to say boehneand the republicans will take you back to those failed policies that didn't work and got the u.s. into the mess it's ce but it's ast pla risky strateg we had a poll out that indicate most americans don't know enough aboutoehner to form an opinion on him. it's different with something like, say, nancy pelosi. republicans have been using
6:32 pm
pelosi in their ads for a while but most americans know her. they're not so familiar with the house minority leader. >> just like the holidays, the election just around the corner, it will be here before you know it. thank you, paul. fame, money, power. there's no limit to the temptations for many nfl players. >> i wish stuff off the field was like throwing a football i know how to flow w a football >> we're going to tell you how one time is pushing players to make better decisions when theye out of uniform and i want you to meet emily. it's a radio-controlled lifeguard that could save your life if you get in trouble at thbeach. gary tuchman shows us how.
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well, there's always next summer. labor day weekend might have been your last chance to cool off in the ocean for a while, at least for a couple of months. through the winter, butat next time you're at the beach, a new lifeguard could be there to help keep you safe. cnn's gary tuchman explains in today "edge of discovery." >> reporter: this lifeguard might be the best on the beach. her name, emily. which stands for emergency integrated life-saving lanyard.
6:36 pm
>> it doesn't replace the lifeguard but may enable the lifeguards to get to awo individual they would not have been able to get to in the past. >> reporter: emily speeds through high waves and rip tides in seconds, directed from shore by a remote control. when she reaches swimmers in distress, they could hold onto her until more help arrives. her creators are also working on a setup that would let lifeguards talk to swimmers through anonboard p.a. system. >> we have a radio to send emily out to say, stay away from this, you're in danger of going to a rip tide. >> and that's not all it could do. they say it could be equipped with p monitors to protect pollution in the area or for military surveillance. it could be a while befor you can check her out at a beach near you. gary tuchman, cnn. >> wow. very cool stuff. "edge of discovery." making the most of their life under ground.
6:37 pm
33 miners trapped in chile and we'll show you how they are living and what they're requesting to be sent down. because of one word, imagination and reality have merged. because of one word, a new generation-- a fifth generation-- of fighter aircraft has been born. because of one word, america's air dominance for the next forty years is assured. that one word... is how. [ slap! ] -[ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] -ow, ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums
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>> > top stories right now on cnn, sunday boating trip in texas took a horrible turn. two boats collided in lewisville lake north of dallas. at least 11 people have been rushed to the hospital, including several inchildren. a number of the injuries are set to be serious. no word yet on the cause of that accident. we'll check on that. the homeland security 100% tary ss there is no guarantee that the u.s. will not face another terror attack. janet napolitano appeared with her predecessor from the bush administration tod on "state of the union" with candy crowley. she talked about the ongoing terror threat facing this country.e >> the united states, we're not immune. and we do see u.s. persons who for whatever reason, have been radicalized to the point of violence. maybe violence in the name of
6:41 pm
isla they travel to the fatah. they learn the trade craft. they come back and that is something that is relativeinly w in kind of the known threat stream we've been dealing with. but it's not wunique, nor was unanticipated that that could occur. >> that was from cnn's state of the union with candy crowley. at last two people were killed today in afghanistan while protesting against a florida pastor who planned to burn the koran. security forces opened fire to prevent the crowd of 600 people from storming government offices. protests over the burning had start in afghanistan before pastorerry jones abandoned his plan. four other donstrators were hurt. th have been trapped 2,300 feet underground, 23 hundred feet, about half a mile. in a space the size of a studio apartment and they have been there for more than a month. now, 33 chileanin miners are getting two of the things they creative most, electricity and smokes.
6:42 pm
♪ looks like they're keeping in good spirits and probably keeping their sanit of utmost importance right now. the earliest crews will be able to rescue these men, november. there's really nothing for them to do but settle in and ride it out. let's go to patrick live in copiapo, chile, following this for us. i want to talk to you first. i know there are several plans that the rescuers have put into place. let's talk about the tobacco products being lowered down and allowing them to smoke. nasa warned against it but mining officials are letting them do it. is it so the men can keep their spirits and their sanity? >> reporter: that's right. and saw surreal yesterday to here the health minister saying he sent cigarettes down to the men. it's not something he approves of, necessarily. most of them men didn't want to quit smoking and over the last 2
6:43 pm
weeks they have been sent the nicotine patch and gum. this might have been something they were asking for day in and day out d finally, they relented. the benefits were worse than the harm and danger, they were using tobacco products and fireen in enclosed space. they're trying to keep them comfortable, keep their spirits up and this is one thing they just absolutely insisted o getting. a lot of these men had to quit cold turkey and apparently, they really like to smoke. >> more of the concern from nasa i believe and other officials is the o threat of an explosion. answer for me quickly and moo we'll move on and talk about the plans. >> reporter: officials here have said that they've studied it, they said the last few weeks, looking att he danger because they knew it was something the men really wanted. several of the miners are apparently heavy smokers. they're only getting about two packs a day to divide a up amont themselves and officials have said they looked at it and the danger is minimal. i would say it's a very enclosed
6:44 pm
space but once they've improved the event lagts in the area, they felt it was safe, they made knows upgrades yesterday and that's when they began sending them cigarettes. >> we were talking about it here, probably at this point if you're trapped that long for that space, you just want your darn cigarette. we understand -- the drill has arrived on the scene. how long will it take to set up that plan "c" drill and what's the status of plansa a "a" and ? >> it was amazing toer here when they brought in pieces of that oil drilling apparatus. we talked to engineers and they said in their long history taking these drills, they never ok for anything but oil, certainly never people. it's the fastdrill they will have out there that they will be throwing against this mine. still, though, even with ts increased speed, probably not
6:45 pm
until november until th reach these men, free theseay men. it was a mixed bag today. the plan "b" drill, the drill bit, was totall destroyed this week when it ran int a steel reinforcement beam. of course, this was a working le mine. they have been things like reinforcement beams and this drill bit went right into it. it's totally destroyed. they're ying to fish out piece by piece the shattered drill bit and continue drilling again. the plan "a" drill, drilling the longest, it's making a steady but somewhat slowed speed. only about a third of the way down. it stopped today for routine maintenance and when all of sudden this afternooyou couldn't hear any drilling going on, some of the families became quite upset because they tell us that the miners can hear the drilling and when they know there isn't drilling going on, it worries them. >> yeah, they know somethingwr wrong or there is a hitch or glitch of sorts. thank you ry much, patrick, oppman, in copiapo, chile.
6:46 pm
coming up, tea partiers are rallying across the country today, plus you're looking at the cover, right now, there it is, of the most expensive book in the world. it's going on the auction block for millions. so, what is it? [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ drums pying ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters. and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision.
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time now for cnn equals politics update. 're keeping an eye on the latest headlines on the political ticker. let'sc join cnn's senior political editor, mark pressman. he's the person to give us what's crossing right now, mark? >> reporter: don, very, very busy sunday as i'm sure our viewers know and catch up. tea party activists converging here in washington, d.c. they mafrpd on washington. of course, they are talking about how angry that the are at
6:50 pm
the federal government. shannon travis just came in from the rally. he has the story up on the political ticker. tea party activists gathering washington ahead of the midterm elections. these people are fired up. these are the folks that could help the republicans take bac the house of representatives if enough of them come out in november. moving on to that, michael moore, big story yesterday on the september 11th anniversary, michael moore, that liberal filmmaker, some would call him a provocateur. he came out and said he doesn't want this controversial community center that would house a mosque to be built near ground zero. don, he said he want it built on ground zero. of course, that has fired a lot of people up and right now, zer. that has fired a rllot of people up. right now nearly 1,600 people have recommended this story. using a cnn facebook application. another 120 people have commented on it. some comments in support ofit. i got to tell you, don. some are not. and our own candy crowley from
6:51 pm
state of the union, sheou has a crypt sheet out that wraps up the whole day, all the talk shows. tells you everything that twas said regarding the tax cut fight, what is going on. and the midterm election. check that out on mark preston. rolling up his sleeves. got the tie undone. i like this look. great energy. usually you're my foil. i'm wacky. you're the straight man. i like that. i like that. >> just got a statement from b john boehner. for the latest on all thinga l.litica go to or cnnpoliti keeping nfl players on the straight and narrow for a new season. >> i thinkha we did whatever we
6:52 pm
could with michael. a lot of it was him. a lot of it was fedolks he associated himself with. >> applying lessons learned from pro football scanda. plus a fiery crash caught on video. the driver is trapped as cars burn. i'll show you how this all ends. next day it took forever to get going. night after night, i sat up. sprayed up. took a shower... or took a pill. then i tried andrug-free breathe right. and instantly, i breathed better! i slept better. i felt...better. thank you, breathe right! [ male announcer ] breathe better, sleep better, feel better. now try breathe right for free... at [ woman ] it's my right to breathe right. isn't it your right, too?
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when you approach things from a different perspecve, you don't end up with just another car. you end up with the all-new saab 9-5 luxury sport sedan.
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6:55 pm
this next story ainvolves e falcon. it's about the nfl. the falcons lost today to the steelers. the wait is over. it is kickoff weend for the nfl. that also means we can look for players where they let the money and fame go to their head and does something not so bright. one team is hoping to avoid that by inviting speakers, including me, to do a different kind of coaching. when you're an nfl player on the field, there's always a coach watching to whip you into shape. off the field, it's a different story. players making names for themsees in all the right way. bad habits that teams like the atlanta falcons have seen too much of in t past. >> i think we did whatever we could wit michael.
6:56 pm
in the aftermath of the michael vick andal, they found themselves fighting the perception that nfl playersave too much money, not enough brains. >> i wan at you to think about d have a plan for what you want to do in the community. >> this is a crash course that teaches players how to handle themselves when they're out of pads. >> don't give until it hurts. give until it feels good. >> do you think we wouldn't hear about the vicks and ro? >> good things that players do within a community, taking care of themselves, they sometimes get lost. >> you have to question yoself and step back and say should i be doing this? is my family going to reap the nastiness of choosing this
6:57 pm
decision? >> but'ss year's sum milt also offered lessons on how to invest, which charities to give to, which endorse ms to take. >> the football field, they have good counseling. they are getting here it ehere. some of the life skill areas, they haven't. we can add value there. >> in three years i believe that's how long it takes an nfl player to lose the money. >> the window of playing football can be short sometimes. you have to make the transition from college to the real world. >> being one of the oldest. i'm closer to the end of that time where you need to think about the next step. >> given his position and importance to the team, matt
6:58 pm
rooion knows he's under extra scrutiny. >> i know how to throw a football. i've had to learn and try to thsten to different people. >>at a reminder that inthe nfl, handling your business means more than winning football games. don lemo cnn, georgia. >> news you missed. on sundays we want to catch you up on news you may have missed from throughout the week. there sheriff deputies in georgia put their lives on the line to save a man from a burning ca the bravery was caught on the dashboard camera. it happened last sunday in gordon county, georgia. of his car.ontrol it crashed and burst into flames. the deputies and a passerby tried to knock down the flames and finally broke a door window to pull the driver to safety. >> first thing i'm thinking is how many people are in the vehicle, if they're injured or
6:59 pm
decease deceased. >> i went around and busted out the passenger window with my baton. just announced. a bookale unlike any other. call this the ultimate beth ller. love to be the author of that book. this book "birds of america" is the mos t expensive in the worl. expect it to go for about $9 million. can you imagine that? wonder what it goes for -- anyway. forget it. tilhe auction will offer what he labels as the most important book in english literature. it's from 1623. it contains all the plays of william shakespeare. the anticipatedprice, about $2 million. look at this video. it's a young

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